“ I can’t recall what happened. I remember flashes, screams. I was in pain, I remember my sorrow and rage. But every memory is so distanced. I… My name is John, John Blake. That I can remember. Something happened and…

About game

The Purgatory is upcoming 1st person puzzle/mystery game with horror elements and atmosphere thrown in for the good measure. Game is set in our world but strongly influenced by works of such writers as H.P Lovecraft, E.A. Poe and S. King. You will play as John Blake, a man trapped inside a dark dimension with only a strange, outlandish voice as his guide. Your quest is to regain your memories and to figure out what is really going on. Go through a semi-randomised world build from memories of our protagonist, broken and twisted by some dark force. Find clues to what and why happened to John. And remember: Nothing is what is seems to be. The main goal of the game is to complete puzzles based on John’s past. In doing so, you will help him remember his past, piece by piece, and even uncover why did he lost his memory in the first place. In the end his fate will be in your hands. Will you lead his steps to truth and salvation? Or will you damn him for… Well, well, I almost spoiled the twist, didn’t I? You will have to find out for yourself.


Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD, 2,4 Ghz or faster
Geforce GT 8800 or Radeon HD 3870, or faster


Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
Geforce GTX 970 Radeon R9 390, or faster


Aleksander Sierżęga


Game designer and producer. Busy owner of Simulation Games Manufacture. One of those guys that pop up from nowhere asking about deadlines and milestones and bringing people and resources in 18 dimensional pockets. In the mean time Alek works on AFiB university as a vice dean and head of game design specialization.



I love games, movies and chocolate. For 10 years I was gathering experience on video game market by playing many titles available on the market at the time. Right now I can boast about 3 years of experience with Unreal Engine 4. I am a man, who loves to create. It doesn’t matter what I make: videos, game levels or stone details. They will look good in the game.



IT specialist, graduate of Vistula University in Warsaw with specialisation " programming computer games". I always dreamed of making games and as a child I started making games in GameEngine and RPG Maker and as My skills increased I started working with Unity, CryEngine, UE4. I created games with C# (XNAGameStudio), Java (LibGDX, LWJGL) and C++.



Man of many talents. In Sigma Games I started as self taught 3D graphic, now due to team needs I have skilled UE4 Blueprints language. Beside work, passionate confectioner and 3D DIY print apprentice.

Thomas Chacko

3D Graphics

Cooperation with
Graduate of Department of Animation at Bharathidasan University, specialized in Modelling and Animation. Worked as a teacher at IMAGE Institute of Animation, Game and VFx. I love art and that passion has always motivated me to keep pushing limits and to always be looking for more knowledge, improving myself as an artist.



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IT specialist, graduate of Vistula University in Warsaw. By passion writer, traveler and dreamer. He was responsible for design and writing. "You could say that as a child I was focused as a puppy: everything is interesting, I want to know everything and play with everything."



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I was born in Istanbul and interested in music since my childhood. Recently studying both Music and Computer Engineering in Warsaw. I did compose and perform The Purgatory's soundtrack. Aleksander did offer me some free coffee and cookies... and Halil likes cookies!

Stanislav Mishchenko


Cooperation with
Currently I'm studying computer science in Warsaw (game design specialization). At this project I'm responsible for Russian localization and promoting the project at Russian speaker’s countries. I'm testing the game as well, and it looks like these guys just waiting for my heart attack :)