Welcome to Purgatory!


Splendid worked 2 D graphics.
Dramatical story of abominable domestic violence will force to take party.
Confusing arrival to a different world of lost souls.
Deep and impacting soundtrack as the game is.
A haunting piano that will alter your senses.
Captivating environment.
Figures that could only appear in the worst of your nightmares.


Purgatory is a 2D adventure game about a boy, Tom, who is trying to run away from
Purgatory. The boy had gone into a coma due to a domestic violence affair and in the
meantime his body is trying to survive on a bed of the hospital, his astral body is now
into Purgatory. Lots of dark and deep scenes of a world of lost souls waiting to be
judged. Tom wants to recover again his life.
Incredible shapes, unbelievable creatures that inhabit this underworld which will try to
keep our protagonist here for ever and ever.
He has to escape from Purgatory before being judged, before is too late. He needs to
survive to recover again his life… a normal life. What has happened to his life should
never have occurred. Tom had dreams, like a child of his age. But he lost his father and
his world, a perfect one, crashed in million pieces against reality. Nothing would keep
equal. Tom locked up in himself with his private emotions. Wasn’t it enough to lose a
parent when he needed him most? Did Tom deserve this dangerous place?
Breaking free from the terrible Purgatory…that’s Tom has to do.
But to get this goal, he will have to explore, advance and pass successfully those levels
which separate dark from light… nightmare from reality.
Playing Purgatory will let you discover an atmosphere far away of even you have seen in
the past.
Go left, go right, up or down…everything is confusing . Nothing is whatever it looks like.
It’s not a shooting game with no sense. You ‘ll have to use other skills.
Purgatory The Game… no one has explained you so well as in this game you’ll find.